3 Back to School Flashcard Games

Classes are back and this is a great opportunity to revise some vocabulary, specially if you are a ESL teacher. So here are some ideas:

1. Basketball

This game is a must! Kids love it! It is possible to play in several levels of difficulty so I will start explaining the easiest, for the small ones.

You’ll need some flashcards with the vocabulary you want to practice. You can divide them in two teams or play individually. Teacher asks: What’s this?
And the student’s have to answer: It’s a… or It’s an…

In this case They are going to practice A/AN and the vocabulary. If the answer is correct then the student has the chance to throw a paper ball in the bin, if they get it in they can score more points.

Another way to play this game is by asking them to spell words. They really enjoy having the opportunity to throw the paper ball in the bin to score more points.

2. Bean bag toss:

Lay the flashcards on the floor. The students will toss the “bean bag” (or anything else you find). They’ll have to identify the flashcard.

You can make this game even more challenging by writing on the back of the flashcard how many points that particular flashcard is worth. Another way is to write questions instead of using flashcards.

3. Flashcard Tic Tac Toe

Place the flashcards on the floor facing down. The flashcards need to be numbered or if you prefer you can use letters. The students call a number or letter and identify the flashcard. Whoever makes a line first wins.

I hope you liked the ideas! Have fun!


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