What do mangoes and learning have in commom?

I got really inspired by this article at http://www.eduis comparison works:topia.org/blog/learning-fun-messy-mangoes-ben-johnson?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_content=blog&utm_campaign=mangolearning and I would like to share this interesting point of view with you.

The article compares two things: learning and mangoes. out might be thinking who got this crazy idea of comparing such things, so you can find out next how this comparison works:

“Have you ever tried to eat a mango? Well, it is quite an experience. Though mangos are my favorite fruit, I do not indulge as much as I would like because of the hassle of pealing and then eating it.”

“As you eat the mango, you cannot help but become irrevocably invested in the mango eating process because it gets all over your face and it drips all over your hands and clothes. But each bite is heavenly, and certainly worth it.”

What a genius comparison, really. Most people believe that teaching is easy, but it is really not. Teachers have to face a wide range of obstacles and I believe this comparison fits the most. Like eating a mango, teaching is hard, but at the end it is worth it and pleasurable.


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