Summit Workshop: Let’s fly to London

Summit held a workshop today called “Let’s fly to London”. It was very nice, but I thought it was a little too fast for my taste. At first I thought it was going to be very boring as the workshop was about the Olympics and its vocabulary. Very well, I thought to myself: “I have nothing to lose, at least it may be a nice experience.” and guess what, I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed it.

I really felt like I was in a school, being taught, but it was nicely done. I enjoyed myself, I had fun and most of all I learned something new. I didn’t get bored and I found the approach quite interesting. Instead of talking about the Olympics and just translating some words, they actually had a song as the key element to teach the vocabulary. We had a chance to check which words we already knew, translate some words that we used later on, filling the gaps while we listened to the song, watched a video, so, for me it was a very positive experience, pity they rushed a little.

Thumbs up for Summit =)


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