Treasure Hunt- writing creative clues

I always wanted to make a Treasure Hunt, but I never really new how to write the clues.

I was browsing for ideas and I found some ideas that I would like to share with you:


1: Puzzle

You can get images or photos of the location the kids would have to go. You cut them up as a puzzle and once they have figured out the location they go after the second clue.

2. Number Code:

Kids simply love to figure out the words from a number code.

1= a 2=e 3=i 4=d 5=p

You can decide what number represents each letter and then the kids would have a paper with the code (numbers and letters) and whenever they found a clue they would have to decipher the location.

There is another version to play this type of game, but it is harder. You could use the telephone as the clue code (that is given to the students). as each number on the telephone represents three letters, they would have to figure out the words. This is more challenging, maybe it should be used with teenagers only.

3. Crossword:

There are two ways to use the crossword:

1. To have some clues that leads to the next location.

2. To separate the clues and each location there is a clue and when they find all the clues they find the location where the treasure is hidden.

4. Rhyming clues:

Rhyming clues are a bit challenging for youngsters, maybe you could use it with teenagers.


This room is for the guests to sleep
when staying for the night.
Let’s hope the bed is comfortable
and sheets are clean and white. 

Answer to the above clue: Guest Room

There is also a website full of Dr. Seuss poems:

5. Rebus Puzzle

apple-ape+ant= PLANT

This a  fun and creative way to hide your clues!

6. Word search:

7. Treasure hunt map:

You can make a map and add the guides on how to get to the prize. First the kids have to find the clues and after they have found all the clues they have to find the map.


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