Hello Folks,

I was browsing through twitter and I read the following thing:

TeachersJourney The Joy and Sorrows
The teacher’s demonstrated attitude of respect and empathy can be a significant factor in successfully working with challenging students.
That inspired me to write this post right now.
I have to disagree with it. I have had challenging students, but by far, this year has been the worst, and I will explain why!
The problem I am facing this year concerns to spoiled children who do not know what the word RESPECT means. The thing is, I am teaching English for 12 students for two hours, not at a regular school, at a private and expensive school. Most students are kind, some of them just need to learn some things and they get there, they learn how to respect not only me, but also their classmates. But the thing is, there are some students who just don’t. It is very frustrating to be quite honest.
Then you search and talk to your boss and coworkers, WHAT CAN YOU DO to help this student?
And you do! You try every thing possibly imagined. You are angry at him, then you are nice, you try to be their friends, then you try to show their place and NOTHING seems to work. You even try to teach them about respect, even if that is not the subject you are suppose to teach.
Some students are just NOT interested in bonding, and that is fine with me. Nobody should be forced to like someone, but the least I expect from anybody is RESPECT. Of course, you have to consider that they are kids, well already teens, but that doesn’t matter and I keep wondering, “If they don’t learn now, when will they learn?”
So I am sorry for the disagreement, maybe I am wrong, maybe not. I am just putting out loud what I have experienced more than once. I truly hope you don’t have to cope with this kind of student, or at least that your attempt to teach is successful!

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