Positive reinforcement?

All right, I have been working really hard to give positive reinforcement every time a student shows good behavior, but seriously… I have been having second thoughts about it.

What I mean is that there are different kind of students. Some students really needs positive reinforcement, but some of them just think ” ok, now she is pleased, I can be what I was before”.

It happened to me many times. A student with some kind of bad behavior does something nice and I am ready to tell him how pleased I am, then it seems that it was all in vain, they go back to that horrible behavior they were presenting before.

Seriously, should we be giving positive reinforcement for doing what they were supposed and expected to do?

I guess each case is a case, some students just have this kind of low self-esteem and need it to put them in the right track, but students should know what they are expected to be doing and how they should behave or else they will simply keep their childish behavior.


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