Keeping up the motivation

Ok, I have to agree, the theory is way easier than putting into practice.

Even so, I am not done with trying to find interesting things to present to my students. That being said, here it goes another suggestion.

In this website you can find some PDFs or you can simply read it online. It is a nice way to change classroom environment and let students’ imagination flow.

I think the second semester is even harder than the first, as students are very tired. It is also not easy for us, teachers to keep up the motivation, but, in fact, it is something that has to be done. As we must do it, it might as well be fun, don’t you think. So here I am, tired, but searching for my inspiration to give me strength to carry on.

Nowadays, or maybe I am making a huge mistake by thinking that this only happens now, kids have no respect. We need to teach them to value what they have, teach them that nothing is forever and that as soon as they learn not to take things for granted, they will become a better human being.


4 comentários sobre “Keeping up the motivation

    • Hello Augusto,

      I have posted some ideas to keep up the motivation during July, so, if you have some time, take a look, there are some nice ideas, ok? Thanks for the visit, I hope I can help! =)

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