Teachers also need to learn

I do not teach in a Montessori School, but I have attended one when I was younger, much younger. I was so young that I do not remember much. Regardless my experience or what Montessori schools do, I believe in that conveyed message. Maybe it is not possible for me to change my classroom arrangement and keep being in front of my students, but, honestly, can’t we learn something from that movie?

The most important thing is what differs teachers from teachers, even though in the movie they are talking about different kinds of school curriculum.

What can a great teacher do differently than a regular teacher? A inspiring teacher is able to motivate his/her students and keep the flame alive. Keep students engaged in learning and giving them something to think about besides homework.

Maybe it is impossible for us to have the Montessori kind of experience, mixing students from different ages, but it is possible for us to provide a more exciting class.

It is in our hands, even though sometimes it seems so hard. If we are not inspired, it will be impossible to make our students feel inspired too.


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