TDC Plus – Joan Saslow

Joan Saslow

Making English unforgettable

-There is a tremendous number of English input, but there are challenges when building the speaking language.

-Dilemma: people study for years and yet they cannot speak the language. It is very hard to learn a language when you do not use constantly.

-Accuracy vs. Fluency: students need to be able to apply and put into practice what they have learned. Students can’t practice fluency outside of the classroom.
Accuracy: grammar, vocabulary and pronounciation.
Fluency: discussion, role plays.

-Students need to recycle previously taught language. Variety of speaking tasks every time we present new target language.

-Controlled conversation model practice.

-Free discussion and role plays.

-Incidental interactions adapted from textbook activities.

Conversation model:

-It’s portable: It has universal practically.

-It’s memorable: It is short enough to be remebered.

-It’s adaptable: it can be changed to suit the speaker’s needs.

-It is important to vary the way you model the speaking and make sure that students will use it afterwards. It is important to be portable meaning that students will use it. Being memorable means that it is short enough so students can remember it and being adaptable is important also so students can change the vocabulary, but still using the model.


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