Teaching outside of the box

I have been a teacher for 5 years now and I have observed teachers’ behavior towards teaching. I have met many teachers who simply go to school and teach exactly what is expected, nothing else.

I always have been different in almost everything in my life. I am the kind of teacher who disagree with this kind of behavior. I do not understand teachers who would only give students content and not education.

Apart from that, I am always looking for something different to do with my students something to inspire, motivate and change their environment. Well I was looking for some reading and listening activities to do with my students and there I found an interesting website.

It is called StoryNory (www.storynory.com). Besides having the transcript of the listening, you will also be able to download the listening, for free. Isn’t it awesome? The website is quite simple, but you can find some interesting stories to practice with your students. You can work only listening or only reading, or if you wish, both.


I hope you enjoyed the tip! Have fun.


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