Teacher vs. Institution

How hard can it be for a teacher to keep up when the institution in which they work are making them feel abandoned? It is funny how they keep expecting us to enlighten the classroom, motivate students and keep the enthusiasm. I have now realized that teachers are like actors also. When we take teaching seriously and we want to leave our problems apart from the classroom, then we have to “pretend” not to feel what we are currently feeling and be professional enough not to let students realize it.

I believe a successful institution is the one who value their teachers, who understand them and support. When a institution start to lose their compromise towards teachers, then they kind of lose their right to expect so much from us, when they are not doing their part.

For the student’s sake, teachers keep posing as if nothing is happening. The case is that the students deserve better, they should receive the best education there is. They should not have to deal with whatever problem the school is having. So there we go, as actors and actresses, provide a decent education.

Bottom line is that students have the right to receive the best education and teachers have to right to be listen and comprehended. It is a vicious cycle; the happier the teacher, the happier the student, and as a consequence, the happier the institution. Teachers need to feel part of the institution, not a puppet acting out. Holiday is a period of reflecting and getting our batteries recharged. I am sure by August all teacher will be able to get the strength back and I am looking forward for this moment.


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