We go further

A teacher is like a musician that has the power to create a melody, a melody in which the students´ knowledge is the arrangement.

A teacher is like an artist in which students are the paint and with their enthusiasm we are capable to make a master piece.

A teacher is like an architect. The students are the bricks and together we are capable to build amazing things.

To be a teacher is rewarding. To be able to help someone to go further when they thought they were not capable, is really amazing. It is rewarding to see them grow, not only improving at the language, but to grow as human beings. It is amazing when a student acknowledges our work and demonstrates their affection.

 Being a teacher is not like how people imagine. We have the power to make a difference in someone´s life, as many other profession don´t give this possibility.

Some people are ashamed of this profession, but they just don´t know how incredible it is to be able to see a smile on a child´s face when they get it right.

There is no shame in being a teacher, we are able to overcome obstacles and teach someone to do the same.

Teachers are like doctors. We have the cure for many aches in a child’s life. A teacher is more than someone who knows and teaches, a teacher is an educator, someone who listens and cares.

We go further, we work hard and we are able to change.


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