Coming back

Did you ever feel like you have lost the strength? It is so easy to say that you should leave your personal issues outside the classroom, but in fact, is it possible not to get attached without feelings?

When things are bad, it seems that everything can always get worse. Where can we find the strength to keep on being motivated? Can we rely on people to help us solve our personal issues? I believe so. I have been through some hard time lately and only today, after three months, I am feeling inspired again. How? Not so sure. I think I never gave up, even when I felt everything was wrong and out of place. I think the key is to hold on to whatever you believe and whoever is there to support you.

Most of the time it is not easy to be a teacher, at least not for those who really care about their profession. I felt bad because I was facing some personal problems and that was affecting my teaching somehow. Of course I always am professional and never let my students see my problems, but the truth is that I felt different and by feeling different, I was a different teacher.

Suddenly I got so frustrated and upset about my whole life, that I lost my faith and my motivation. Blaming other people for my bad feelings, when at the bottom I new I had to change, not for anybody, but for myself, this way I could get back at being the inspired teacher I have most of the time been.

So here is a piece of advice: don’t stop believing in yourself. No matter what.


2 comentários sobre “Coming back

  1. Darling, just read and watched! Adorable. Totally agree with you. No matter what happens, a teacher must learn how to leave her personal problems outside the classroom, no matter how difficult this may be. The benefit of such effort is seen in the first 5 minutes of class. Only who was born to be a teacher can understand the pleasure of teaching and caring. for sure, you are one of them. love ya

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