It´s funny how you can always get impressed by your profession. Being a teacher isn´t really easy. I realized that every year things change, students change, teachers change and also mothers change.

Last year was smoother than this year. Now, mothers and students are complaining about motivation. It is quite hard for a kid to keep up with all the extra activities they have to do during the day. I wonder when these kids have time to play. The truth is that they get exhausted after all the activities. Now, we, as teachers, try our best to motivate and create new challenges, but it´s not our fault kids are too tired.

It´s a pity really, because this causes a mess. Mothers complain to the teachers, as if we had something to do with their stress. In fact we are human beings as well and we get tired too. It is our job to provide a fun and enthusiastic class, in spite our exhaustion, but what more can we do? What else do people expect from us?

Maybe people don´t realize that we also need motivation, we also get tired and stressed, but as professionals, we have to leave it apart from the class. This start of year wasn´t particularly easy, but I have to keep trying to find the motivation and the strength to inspire my students.


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