I know the feeling

First post of the year!!!

Hello everybody! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting since last year, but as you all know I am a teacher and I needed the summer holidays to rest my mind. Holidays was truly great, after a stressful year of Post-graduation…

Anyway, here I am.

I watched this video last year, and I simply loved. This movie was made to demonstrate how much a teacher loves teaching and why.

I wanted to share with you because I know how this feeling can be great. What this teacher says is true, it is important to bond with the students. Classes are back now and this is the crucial moment of bonding. But I have to be honest, sometimes is hard. Some mothers get in the way, some students don’t let us, teachers, approach.

It is hard, but we will eventually get along. So, in this first post of the year, I wanted to start with an INSPIRING video.

I hope you all enjoyed!




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