Love besides knowledge

Some of you don´t know, but my degree is in Advertisement. So now, you wonder, why are you an English teacher again?

Well, while I was at Uni, I had a family problem in which made me start to work immediately. At that time, I just arrived from New Zealand and teaching English seemed right for me. When I started to teach, I realized not only the complexity of preparing a class, as well as, trying to bond with students. The first school I taught was really challenging for me because I was only 18, but looking like I was 14. They were all adults and din´t really trust my knowledge. At the time I had never taught anything in my life, and I didn´t really know how to behave or to face problems that were popping out from everywhere. I end up getting fired after 3 months that was the experience period. That taught me a lot. The second school I taught I was a little better at teaching, but the school I worked for was simply terrible to the teachers. .I worked there over a year because I need the money. Then I realized that I didn´t really like teaching. All of my experiences were not nice and difficult and I used to think that it was just a job, soon it would be all over, I would find an internship and eventually I would get hired and work creating publicity. But that´s not what happened. Before I found an internship, I decided that I didn´t want to keep working at the place I was, I felt dumb, kind of stupid even. So I found a new place to work.

This third school was just right. It was more than I imagined, I found a place that I have always dreamed of, but until I found, I started to think it did not exist. I found a place I could be honest and I felt valued. Not everybody was nice, but most of them were helpful, eager to help out, to teach the culture of the company. I felt like I had found my place. But still, I had to do the internship in order to graduate. So I left the third school to do what I had to do. Unfortunately I realized that I loved teaching more than advertisement, and now I was confused.

I finally decided what I wanted for my life and I started teaching again. Now I had a different point of view, it wasn´t just until I found something better, it was something I wanted to dedicate myself to be better, everyday. So I decided to study Psicopedagogy, which is a new field. Psicopedagogy studies the difficulties of learning. We learn the bases of learning and how the kids develop intelligence. It helped me to open up my mind and fill it in with knowledge. Now I was learning how to teach, how to make my students be the best they can be. This new world amused me, I felt like I could make a difference in somebody´s life, I could make them learn in a new way, in a fun way.

So this is what I have been doing… Studying to become a better teacher, to understand students and be able to make learning enjoyable.

To finish this post, I would like to share a video, I hope you enjoyed and if you want, please, leave a comment. =)


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