Planning a game

We often hear people talking about adapting to our students needs. Sometimes teachers think that they can motivate their students by using games, and this is true, but if the purpose of the game isn’t previously planned, than the game you give may not have a good impact. Game is a powerful tool for teachers, meaning that you can motivate, practice and teach by using games. There are those games in which its purpose is to enable a moment of pleasure, leisure. This is not the kind of games we are talking here. Of course a teacher well prepared can modify a simple game as “jump rope” to teach her students how to count. This is part of planning the activity. What will make the student enjoy the game and learn from it, is the environment of the activity. So each time you consider giving a game, don’t do it just to fill the gap, or just because kids enjoy games, do it to make learning meaningful and enjoyable, to enable a good environment to the kids to learn while they have fun!


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