The importance of support

Whenever you are teaching, there is always a challenging student that you can’t cope with. I have one student that drives me crazy, just because he is really disrespectful and dramatic. Sometimes it is really hard to handle this kind of situation. First you establish some ground rules, then you give a prize for good behavior, but nothing seems to work. That’s when the institution becomes really important to the teacher.

If you have a good coordinator, who is always willing to listen to you and help you whenever you need, that is something to value. A teacher needs support, because he or she also get tired, sometimes feeling lost, and some help is always welcome. I already have worked in school in which I had nobody to count on, nobody to say: Listen, I am having this problem and I need help to find a solution. Instead of help I already heard: The student is paying so he can do whatever he wants to. This is the kind of thing that makes teacher not fell valued and useless, powerless. The school should be working with you, not against you, and teachers should feel comfortable enough  to go to their coordinators and say that they need help. After all we are all working towards the same aim, it couldn’t be differently.

So don’t be afraid to show your flaws, if this is an institution that cares about their teachers’ development, then they will help you achieve your highest potential, and if they don’t, you should reconsider the place you have been working for, or what you want for your life.


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