What kind of teacher are you?

I would like to share my feelings about teachers. I am a teacher and I have been a student since… well forever. There were many kinds of teachers I met.

But there is something really bugging me nowadays.I know that it is a tendency for us to teach the way we have learned and I try really hard not to be this kind of teacher, because I try to consider everything about my students to make a great class. I try to mix different tools to stimulate all of them.

The reason why I am writing this post is to say that you have to allow your students to develop. Giving the answer or even worse (or not) making them fell like they are stupid just won’t help you at all. Motivation is the keyword here, students have to be motivated to learn, learning is a difficult process already, if the teacher is just pulling them down, then teaching will be the worst job ever.

So consider this, take some time to think about what kind of teacher you are and what you have been doing inside the classroom. How are you treating them? How are you dealing with the difficulties? As much as we love the bright students, remember that the  one who has more difficulty is the one who needs you the most. I know sometimes is hard and there are those moments that you believe everything is lost, this is the moment when you need to find you own motivation to keep going, just try not to put on your students’ shoulders.


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