“Just because you know a language, it doesn´t mean you are a teacher.”

I have attended Person/Longman TDC Plus last weekend and the experience was great and revigorating as this kind of teachers development courses are, and Vinnie Nobre said something that reminded me of the time I started teaching.

“Just because you know a language, it doesn´t mean you are a teacher.”

I started teaching right after I came back from New Zealand. At the time my parents were getting divorced and I had to start working. The first thing that crossed my mind, was to teach. Silly me, honestly, I had no clue about what teaching was.

It really bothered me when people asked: “Do you work or you just teach?”. At the time, I wasn’t really convinced  myself about my job, but yet I got upset with the comments.

Teaching back then wasn´t as pleasant as it is now, it was boring and I didn´t enjoy it. Then I started working at a magic school, where everybody respected each other and the environment was enjoyable. I felt safe, I could ask about anything to my boss and more, I could really show her my flaws, show her that I wasn´t perfect, but I wanted to learn.

I learned that I would have to try harder to be a teacher, that just going there and putting the content on the board wasn´t enough. I had to go further, deeper. That´s when I started my post graduation on Psicopedagogy. I wanted to learn more, to be better, wiser, and since then I have been studying.

To be a teacher, just like any other job, it is a choice. By choosing to be a teacher, you have to be ready to accept all the consequences and everything that is implied. If you choose to be a teacher, don´t sit around and complain about the system, or about the school you work for, do your part, even if you are not getting paid to do so, do it because you want, because you love to teach. Go farther, in order to be different than others, better.

If you want to achieve what others don’t, you have to be willing to do what others won’t.


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