Behavior Management Means Preventing Problems Before They Start

“Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.”

Talking about Behavior Management, or what Patricia Friedrich called: Positive Peace

Positive Peace is when you provide a harmonic environment for the students to learn. You can achieve this goal through some simple actions:

  • Select meaningful texts: because we need to take into consideration the age of the student and their interests, not only the texts that are grammatically correct.
  • Teach necessary language: If you teach more than what the student can handle, than he will be unmotivated.
  • Teach cross-cultural communication: Students need to know that nowadays there are not only American and British English, we also have other countries which English is the native language spoken.
  • Discuss English around the world: It is important for the students to know about other places.
  • Impact of your actions around the world: in terms of culture. What is nice to do and what is not.

To manage your classroom is important that you implement some ground rules. This will make the students beware of the importance of respecting the rules and teacher. In this process it is also very important to bond with your students, and remember: Your student’s will not hate you because you are being consistent as a teacher. At the end they will value your work, kiss you and hug you as if you never called their attention.

Organize yourself, be neat and care about your students, always.


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